What is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement?

An assured short hold tenancy agreement is an agreement for a specific period of time, at the end of which a landlord is entitled to repossess the property. It is a legally binding agreement.

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What does ‘joint and several liability’ mean?

‘Joint and Several liability’ means that all tenants are equally liable and responsible for rent and damage caused to the property, not just their portion of the rent.

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What happens if one tenant on a joint tenancy agreement does not pay their rent?

The first port of call is to ask the guarantor to pay any shortfall but in the event they do not settle monies due, all tenants are liable to pay the shortfall.

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Can only the nominated lead tenant negotiate or ask questions?

All tenants can negotioate or ask questions; lead tenants are normally associated with Deposit protection schemes.

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What can we do if we cannot get in touch with the landlord?

If the property is managed then it is the Agent not the landlord you should be contacting. If the property is not managed and you cannot contact the landlord , try asking the Agent you found the property through if they have any other contact details and if all attempts fail, refer to the Local Authority privately rented sector for assistance.

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